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Digital Area Alarm

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Features :
  • Accurate on line Digital Display of Line Pressure for all the services.
  • Factory calibrated imported pressure sensors.
  • Colour coded Bar Graph Display (LED) of Line pressure status (High, Caution, Normal, Caution, Low ).
  • Audible Alarm for High & Low pressure condition.
  • Test and Alarm Acknowledge/ Mute facility .
  • Adjustable Alarm acknowledge time span through program.
  • Programming facility of (High, Normal, Low) Alarm limits for all services, from front panel.
  • Facility to deactivate / activate any of the gas services through front panel programming key.
  • Facility to connect to remote slave alarm by potential free contacts provided.

Digital Gas Alarm-Alert Series (Master Alarm)

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Hardware Features:
  • 16 Bit Microcontroller and Adequate Static RAM and Flash Memory.
  • Real Time Clock.
  • 10 BaseT Ethernet Interface for Connecting with the Hospital LAN.
  • RS-485 Port us to interface with RS-484 Ports.
  • I-Built GSM Modern for connectivity with the GSM Network. User needs to Provides a SIM with active telephone number and adequate balance. Post connection is preferred.
  • 2x16 Character LCD and 6 soft keys for System Configuration.
  • ABS Enclosure Dimansions 192x96x50mm.
  • External Power Adapter for 220VAC.
Software Feature :
  • Supports up to 32 Moble Numbers.
  • User can select the massage text asa well as events on which a message is to be sent./li>
  • Diffrent Massages can be assigned to diffrent mobile numbers.
  • Complete Status can be sent to selected mobiles at predefined time.
  • Last 1000 Events are Logged with date and time information.
  • Alarm Status can be monitored on one or more PCs in the hospital connected over LAN.
  • Protocols Supprted: UDP, TCP/IP, ICMP, ARP.
Remote control for calibration- The Gas Alarm are provided with an infrared port. A normal infrared Remote is used for calibration and adjusting the limits of the Gas Alarm.

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