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Area Valve Box

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Area Valve Service Unit is mainly used in Medical Gas Pipeline System for individual zones without disturbing the gas flow to other zones. In case of emergencies, Area Valve Service Unit can be used to shutoff gas distribution of individual zones.  

Central Supervision of Medical Gas Systems

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  • Supervision and management:- The status and characteristics of all medical gases can be viewed in one place, allowing maintenance and repair to be punctual.
  • Accurate calculation of costs:- The system enables an overview of gas consumption for separate sectors in a building, making it a great tool for cost-calculation in medical gas supply.
  • CAN-BUS technology:- The system functions quickly, with reliable connections, safe networking and compatibility for integration in other networking systems (SAP, Navision, etc.).
  • Control from anywhere:- Access into the supervision system can be remote via the Internet and the system can also submit essential warnings as text-messages to the supervisor

Control Closing Box

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Features :
  • Attractive Design
  • Automatic adjustable display
  • Measuring consumption (Optional)
  • Measuring temperature (Optional)
  • Recording history of service/services

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