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A fashion accessory for any hospital room

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The Medlight bed head unit is perfectly suited for patients' rooms and other departments that require suitable lighting, electricity, telecommunications and medical-gas outlets at each bed. The unit housing is made of extruded aluminum and powder coated. Medilight bed head units conform completely to ISO EN 11197 and IEC EN 60601/1 standards

Arm Movable Pendant

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Features : Movable Pendant Single arm is having the operational movement of only horizontal way comprising with 1000mm long arm having weight carrying capacity of more than 80Kg, 8no's electrical sockets 5/15 ampere, one monitor shelf and 6 nos. of gas outlets.

Bed Head Panel

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We offer superior range of bed head panel to our client, where construction of the wall section is made by using extruded aluminum. Some other features of our product include:
  • The extruded aluminum structural lower channel will include a vertical integrate equipment mounting track to support optional track mounted equipment.
  • Optional equipments like I.V hook, infusion pole, utility basket, monitor tray etc can be installed into the track at any location along with the extruded aluminum channel.
  • Gas outlet/ switch socket/ monitor socket/ nurse call system can be fitted on middle portion of the bed console unit after cutting the aluminum sheet as per hospital requirement.

Optimal lighting

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The Medilight unit can be fitted with indirect lamps for room illumination, direct lighting for illuminating the bed head areas and a night lamp. Positioning the direct-lighting fixtures at a certain angle allows light to disperse over the head of the patient and provides excellent illumination for reading, while positioning the indirect lighting efficiently disperses light over the wall above the unit. All lamps can be fitted with an electronic starter to prevent delays when turning on. Modern design The shape of the profile is a great leap forward from classic rectangular channels. Electrical and low-power outlets are also available in the most modern design.

Rigid Ceiling Pendant

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  • It is rectangular shape having different length 1mtr to 4feet
  • It consist of six gas outlet point of different services and electrical switch sockets
  • It has provision of I V hook
  • The pendants having monitor tray facility up to load capacity of 25 kgs (optional)
  • The inlet connections of gas are connected by high pressure antistatic tube.
  • The gas outlet point provision is done on the bottom surface of the pendant.

Swivel Ceiling Pendants

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  • Pendant carrying encapsulated central pivot bearing system sealed for life and free maintenance.
  • Pendants having additional hand on assembly monitor keeping shelf, cable arm, tilt and turn equipment platform pump rod set etc.
  • Rail for hanging any required accessories.
  • 6 nos. multi pin electrical switch sockets with provision for 6 nos ISO standard gas outlet point, 2 nos I.V. Hooks customizable.

Tailor-made design

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The shape of the profile is a great leap forward from classic rectangular channels. Electrical and low-power outlets are also available in the most modern design. Total security On the inside, the unit is divided into several ducts, separated by an aluminum barrier. This layout allows a separate duct for each energy source (high voltage, low voltage, communications, medical gases), preventing any chance of interference between energy sources.

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